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Digital Marketing for Office Based Labs

Content Creation

The world is Changing and PVD patients are changing too. PVD patient are becoming more and more tech savvy and rely on online research for their PVD needs.

Creating a digital experience strategy is a joint effort that can involve your OBL teams marketing, operations, strategy teams collaborating with our team’s content strategy and user experience experts. Together, we take those key interactions you’re looking to draw from your audience, and we create a plan 

We develop digital experience strategies to make every digital touchpoint line up with your messages, strategic goals, and your audience’s expectations.

Content Posting

We present the content strategy, content briefs, and prototypes to you as they are completed. We incorporate your feedback throughout this process, from our initial introduction to your organization to all the way through the new site’s launch and during regular maintenance and updates.

  • Conducting discovery interviews with stakeholders and members of your target audience
  • Developing a strategy to discover and address your organization’s needs
  • Building a detailed and nuanced content calendar
  • Creating well-researched and well-written content
  • Receiving and incorporating feedback from your organization
  • Recommending promotion tactics across social media and other channels
  • Updating your organization on the content’s analytics and other performance measures 

Content Optimization

  • Analytics amplifies the content-driven web presence

Analytics answers your audience behaviour questions like,

  • How are the audience finding you?

  • What kind of promotions that attract the audience  ? 

  • Where are the roadblocks

Content and promotion tactics constantly need to be optimized, especially as your target audience’s behaviors change and new tactics to reach them emerge. The consequence of failing to track performance and course correct? Your digital experience frustrates people and pushes them toward your competitors.


For data-driven content, you may need multiple tools together to get actionable insights. For example, we can’t live withoutGoogle Analytics. However, you need heat map tools to understand how much scrolling visitors from certain channels do. A/B testing tools can let you optimize conversions.

The right mix of analytics tools gives you the full picture of how your content and digital marketing channels are moving you toward your goals.

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